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Mundo Guyi is an entertainment platform where dance and physical exercise are combined with various musical genres. This is achieved through a wide collection of videos and events, which have given life and consolidated a large international community.
Since 2014 Guyi Campodónico, composer, singer and Latin dance teacher, created a YouTube channel so that his students could follow the choreographies they usually did in their classes from their homes. Quickly, a large number of subscribers began to follow the channel and he decided to change the name to MundoGuyi, strengthening said channel to show not only dance choreographies but also his own songs, turning the channel into his world.
Later, Lidia Martínez, a funk, hip-hop and Latin dance teacher, joined the project collaborating in the creation of the choreographies. In addition to taking care of social networks and the MundoGuyi online store.

Adolfo Andrés Campodónico Guzmán (Guyi) 

He was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence in the neighborhood of Mataderos (CABA).
In 2001, at the age of 19, he decided to look for new horizons and traveled to Spain to the city of Alicante. In 2004 he moved to Madrid and currently resides in Tenerife (Canary Islands) since 2019.
She has dedicated her whole life to music and dance.
He has more than 20 years of experience as a singer, composer, event entertainer. In addition to teaching Latin rhythms and ballroom dances since the year 2000 both in Argentina and in Spain.

Lidia Martínez Fernández 

He was born in 1985 in Madrid, Spain. He lived in the municipality of Pinto until adolescence.
She started at the age of 8 in the world of dance in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Years later she was trained as a Funky and Hip Hop teacher by the Community of Madrid, although her first classes were on Latin rhythms in both Spanish and English.
She has worked in various sectors such as administration and tourism, but her true vocation has always been dance.
He currently resides in Tenerife with his family.


MundoGuyi changed my life 100%. Each step is mathematically thought out, I learned to dance rhythms that I never thought I would dance. It is ideal for the whole family, they fill me with positive energy and joy.>>

Verónica Cacciuttolo

I dance with you every morning. It is a real pleasure that fills me with happiness and accompanies me all day. I am very proud and happy to belong to the MundoGuyi Community.

María Agnes

Your commitment, love for dance, big heart, brilliantly selected music and integration of simple dance steps in your wonderful choreography, Thank you Guyi and Lidia, you are an inspiration to the world.

Hannah Retelj

A great discovery, you brighten up my days by exercising in an easy and fun way. A couple of 10. Exercise and good vibes, the perfect tandem!”


Marisa Poza
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