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In MundoGuyi. We have always stood out for the way we create choreographies. Even for choosing a varied and fun music. After years of experience we have found a balance between exercise, fun and musicality that have consolidated this effective working method.


Every time we create a choreography, we abide by these three acronyms:
E.A.F. (Easy, Active and Fun)


We try that the movements we choose can be performed by anyone, whether they have notions of dance or not. We believe that if we change steps too quickly you may get frustrated and give up on continuing. That is why we work hard to make you feel that YES you can. Our favorite phrase: “The difficult thing is to make it easy”.
For this we have created the Basic Steps section where we slowly teach the steps that we use in the vast majority of our choreographies.


Just because exercise is easy doesn’t mean it’s not active and effective. We work at different intensities with a variety of exercises to strengthen various parts of our body. We take care of the intensity of each class to control and always have an adequate heart rate.


Those who belong to the MundoGuyi Community say that, after each class, they feel happy and content.
We like to bring a point of fun and madness in the classes. That is why we feel that, despite everything, we have to take the time we dedicate to ourselves with humor.

The music we choose

This is one of our strengths as, in addition to choosing the trending hits, we also like to research and bring music from around the world to our community. Thus providing new cultures, new sounds, and new ways of seeing dance through our choreographies.

At the same time…

…We love that you can travel to the past and relive emotions dancing classics that, in one way or another, have marked our lives.

Not only hits, we also like to discover songs that are not so popular but highly effective that we know you will fall in love with.
In our classes we want the rhythms to be as varied as possible. That is why we try not to repeat the same styles within the same class.

One of the most important things, which we put great emphasis on, is that we carefully select the songs so that they are appropriate for audiences of all ages.

In short, our philosophy is that you spend a unique moment with us and that, through music, you can feel that extra energy that undoubtedly makes us happier beings.

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